Thanksgiving Gratitude at Affiliated Orthodontics

Thanksgiving Gratitude Peoria AZHere at Affiliated Orthodontics, our team believes in the simple power of gratitude. What better time of the year to express our gratitude than Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving brings to mind different thoughts to different people.

To most, it brings visions of a family Thanksgiving feast with roast turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing with yummy gravy, cranberries, squash, and of course…pumpkin pie! To a student away at school, it may mean coming home to be with those they miss and possibly some much needed down time from the daily rigors of school and studying. Then again for others…are you ready for some football… a day off from work… or a long weekend?Read More

Flex Your Flexible Spending in 2017

Flex Spending Account Peoria AZ2017 is quickly winding down and we will soon be welcoming the New Year. As a courtesy to all our patients, this is a reminder to review your Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account (FSA or FLEX) balances to make sure you don’t lose any of your benefits socked away this year. Fall is also the time of year when companies offering programs have open enrollment where employees can apply for their benefits in 2018.Read More

Bite Problems – Sleep Tight, And Don’t Let The Baby Teeth Bite!

Bite Problems Peoria AZA child will normally start to lose their primary (baby) teeth, and gain their permanent set of teeth when approaching the age of 6. When this all goes according to plan, the front teeth will erupt in the correct position. Specifically, the top teeth will be slightly overlapping the lower teeth and will be coming in straight without crowding.

However, there are cases where this does not happen the way it’s supposed to. In these situations, a child can develop a bad bite (malocclusion). Don’t panic. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, all children should be seen by an orthodontist by the age of 7. Below are some of the issues that an orthodontist will check your children for during a standard evaluation.

Spacing Issues

Normal, healthy teeth should not have any noticeable gaps between them after all the four front teeth erupt, and should essentially be right next to each other. However, if there is noticeable space between the permanent teeth (particularly permanent front teeth), this could be a sign of impacted teeth or other bite problems. On the other hand, if there seems to be overlapping of teeth on the upper or lower, this could be an indication of crowding. This occurs in instances where there is insufficient space for the teeth to properly erupt.

Bad Bites

There are a number of different types of malocclusions. For example: in the case of an underbite, the front bottom teeth will typically bite in front of the upper teeth. Then there is what’s called an “open bite,” which involves the presence of a significant gap between the lower and upper teeth when the jaws are closed. A deep bite is defined by the sight of front teeth biting down too far over lower teeth and sometimes can result in biting into the upper palate’s soft tissue. Lastly, crossbites can be found in either the back teeth or the front. If they appear in the back, several of the lower teeth will bite outside the upper teeth, rather than biting inside the upper teeth. If they appear in the front, a number of the lower teeth will bite in front of the upper.

Atypical Growth Patterns and Tooth Eruptions

It’s also important to be on the lookout for poor jaw growth patterns. Protrusion of the upper jaw occurs when the upper jaw is too far forward in relation to the lower jaw. This often occurs as a result of thumb sucking and finger habits. Conversely, protrusion of the lower jaw can also be an issue. These are signified by the appearance of the lower teeth or jaw overlapping the upper jaw resulting in a very strong lower jaw appearance.

Lastly, it’s important to be sure that permanent teeth are erupting in the correct locations. If the primary teeth were not in the right order, in the incorrect position, or if they were lost prematurely, this can contribute to the likelihood of other permanent teeth erupting where they shouldn’t. If you have a child who is 7 or older, why not contact our office today for a complimentary screening with Affiliated Orthodontics today?


Health Month in October – Celebrate Orthodontics with a Smile

October is National Orthodontic Healh Month Peoria AZDid you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? Our Team at Affiliated Orthodontics want you to join us in celebrating the power of a smile during October.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, no matter what your age 12, 16 or 60! A perfect smile is one of your best and lifelong assets. Whether you are meeting new friends or interviewing for a job, a smile is important to building both personal and business relationships. It is a well-known fact that straight teeth and a great smile build self-esteem, confidence, and influences how you present yourself to the world. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in the future.

Our goal this year is to spread the word in Peoria AZ that October is National Orthodontic Health Month and its purpose is to reinforce the need for an orthodontic evaluation. You are never too young or too old if your bite or smile needs correction.

What is the Best Time to Evaluate Your Child?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents have their kids evaluated for orthodontic treatment by age 7. Children undergo a major growth spurt during the ages of 7 – 10 that goes hand in hand with the eruptive pattern of their teeth and development of jaws. Starting at the right time, based on your child’s individual growth pattern, can prevent more long-term or difficult treatment later on. Potential problems can be addressed if they are found at the appropriate time.

Adult Orthodontics Is On The Rise

We all know the job market is tight, especially for recent college graduates. First impressions are everything and serious job hunters are “Bracing Themselves for the Future” to promote their success. Your smile during the interview process, no matter what your age, makes a difference when landing a new job. It also helps you perform better throughout your life to boost your confidence when communicating with others on all levels, both professionally and personally. Currently, more than one million adults in North America are receiving orthodontic treatment from orthodontists.

Affiliated Orthodontics offers the latest in treatment options for adults orthodontics, including Invisalign, the “braceless alternative” to straight teeth. It is never too late to receive a beautiful healthy smile for a lifetime. Contact our office in Peoria AZ today to schedule a complimentary smile exam to find out how we can help you create a smile for the future.