3-D Imaging

Our patients love our 3-D Dental Imaging System. 3-D Imaging gives us a 3-Dimensional image of the patient’s teeth and jaws. This allows our Doctors to precisely plan the exact movement of the teeth without the guesswork of traditional or digital x-rays (which are only 2-dimensional).

In addition to moving teeth, braces affect the position and shape of the surrounding bone, gums, lips, cheeks and muscles of the face. With our 3-D CT Scan, we now have the ability to create a complete treatment plan for all factors that the braces will affect. This gives our patients a more beautiful and healthy smile in an extremely precise manner.

Our imaging system uses 95% less radiation than traditional hospital-based CT Scan Machines.

Our 3-D Dental Imaging System provides unparalleled technology that produces optimal images. As patients increasingly ask for more sophisticated and immediate diagnostic results, our advanced in-office imaging system provides our doctors with more accurate information for diagnosis and treatment planning. This includes a wide range of orthodontic problems such as TMJ disorders, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, impacted or missing permanent teeth and other dental abnormalities. Dental and Skeletal structures we once guessed at is now visible to the naked eye with our 3-D Imaging system.

We use 3-D imaging when diagnosing our treatment plans on all of our patients. We also make it available to other dentists and specialists in the area who wish to take advantage of this unique system to capture the highest-quality images for their patients.

As part of our evaluation, we perform an airway study to assess nasal obstructions such as enlarged adenoids and tonsils, deviation of nasal septum, swollen nasal tissues. Diagnosis of mouth breathing habits due to nasal obstructions is extremely important because of the adverse affect creating sleep disturbance and improper brain, body and jaw growth.