Why Choose Us

orthodontist-peoria-why-choose-us Our office is in the newly constructed Deer Valley Dental Village at the corner of 75th Avenue and Deer Valley Road in the Glendale/Peoria Corridor. We offer leading edge orthodontic treatment and outstanding patient service in a fun and friendly environment for patients of all ages.

The Latest Advances in Treatment and Digital Technology:

  • Impression-free scanning for Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatment.  No more messy mouth molds!
  • A computerized wand scans your teeth with greater accuracy and the digital data is sent straight to Invisalign so your treatment is ready to go faster than ever before.
  • High-tech, low friction appliance therapy with the latest technology designed braces that reduce treatment time, require fewer office visits, and reduce discomfort during treatment.  Undergoing orthodontic treatment today is much easier than it was years ago.
  • 3-D Imaging for treatment planning.  The latest in digital imaging that allows our doctors to precisely plan exact movement of teeth without the guesswork of traditional or digital x-rays which are only two-dimensional.
  • The latest digital x-ray equipment.  Digital x-rays eliminate environmentally hazardous by-products found in developing traditional film-based x-rays.  It also reduces patient exposure to radiation to a fraction of what it used to be with conventional x-ray film making it safer for you and your children.
  • We are certified in the use of Dental Diode Laser Treatment for soft tissue removal, tooth exposure, and gum re-contouring which allows us to eliminate the cost of additional fees to outside professionals.

Delivery of Treatment and Customer Service is a Priority:

  • Chair-side computer access to our treatment records, x-rays, photos, and Internet connection for Invisalign review allows us easy access to patient records to optimize treatment goals.
  • Private treatment areas for those patients or occurrences that require a special and private environment if needed.
  • Office management and diagnostic systems are integrated by means of the most sophisticated orthodontic computer systems available. From scheduling appointments to taking pictures, we have streamlined the process to make it as “hassle-free” as possible.
  • We follow the latest sterilization guidelines by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control to assure that all our sterilization methods are current. We continually update our education and evaluate our methods to ensure that we remain in the forefront of this area.
  • Online access to appointments and account information, including financial arrangements and insurance information.  For your convenience, you can make payments online. This program also also allows you to send email and text message appointment reminders as well as keep you up to date about important events and issues going on in our office.

Enjoyable Experience for Family and Friends:

  • Our reception area includes comfortable, individual seating with up-to-date reading materials.
  • Fun contests for our younger patients where they can win great prizes.
  • Our beautifully-designed “Internet Cafe” with a refreshment bar offering bottled water, juice, coffee, fresh-baked cookies (we bake our own), USA TODAY and free wireless Internet access. This is a special place where you can use your cell phone, check your email, read your favorite book, get the latest headlines or just relax and enjoy your time in our office.

Check our Testimonials Page about this great Hi-Tech enhancement to our customer service!