Early Treatment

affiliated-orthodontics-peoria-early-treatment Interceptive Treatment: The Specialist’s Role

Dr. Davis and Dr. Teeters have advanced training in children’s dentistry (Pedodontics) and Orthodontics. We offer early orthodontic Treatment in Peoria, AZ. Intercepting developing orthodontic problems is what sets an Pedo/Ortho specialist apart from other practitioners in the dental field. You know that orthodontists straighten teeth, but what about developing problems when some permanent teeth AND primary (baby) teeth are present at the same time?

What Problems Need to Be Evaluated Early?

  • Primary (baby) teeth staying in too long preventing eruption of permanent teeth
  • Premature loss of primary teeth causing other teeth to shift
  • Upper teeth crossed over behind lower teeth (cross-bite)
  • Skeletal imbalances of the face and jaws (Under-bite/Over-bite)
  • Unusual spacing between teeth
  • Teeth impacted in the jaw bone

First phase Interceptive Orthodontics coordinate the sizes, forms, and positions of the jaws. Successful first phase treatment greatly simplifies second phase orthodontic correction.

Benefits of Early Intereceptive Orthodontics:

  • Alignment of the teeth and jaws can often reduce the need for permanent tooth extractions.
  • The teeth function (chew) their best, wear less, are the most stable, and have the best assurance of lasting a lifetime.
  • Breathing Disturbance and Growth issues can be detected, evaluated and referred for treatment sooner.
  • A beautiful, broad smile and balanced facial appearance can be achieved.

The practice of Dr. Davis and Dr. Teeters has been at the forefront of Interceptive Orthodontics since it started in the mid 1970’s. Multi-phased combination Interceptive and orthodontic corrections of a developing malocclusion provides optimum form and function. When the skeletal pattern is normal and the teeth well aligned, the face and smile look their very best.

In short, Interceptive Orthodontics and Orthodontic Specialists make your smile more than just a smile!