Orthodontic Emergencies – What To Do

Orthodontic emergencies Peoria AZOrthodontic Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. School is out for most parts of the country and soon most of you will be on summer vacation. Don’t let orthodontic emergencies stop you from having some fun in the sun this summer!

Orthodontic Emergencies

When you are away on vacation, it might be tough and expensive to find an out of town orthodontic specialist. Here are some tips from Affiliated Orthodontics that you might need if there are orthodontic emergencies while you are away from home.

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Practice Smart Sun Safety This Summer

Sun Safety Peoria AZSun Safety is important as kids are spending more time outside this summer when families go to outdoor outings and head to vacation destinations. With the nice weather and sunshine that comes with summer, it’s nearly impossible to stay indoors.

Join Affiliated Orthodontics and the Environmental Work Group (EWG) in their efforts, along with dermatologists and sunscreen companies, to educate the public when it comes to the truth about sunscreens and sun safety.

Sun Safety – Skin Cancer is on the Rise

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Tongue Thrust – What Is It?

tongue thrust peoria azTongue thrust…what is it? Our bodies are always breathing, blinking, staying balanced and doing a thousand other things we don’t notice to stay healthy and happy. But, the side effects of doing these unconscious behaviours wrong may create health problems that often go unnoticed or untreated.

Take for example, the way people chew and swallow food. For nearly everyone, consuming food comes natural and we never consciously think about the way we do it. But, doing it wrong can have nasty consequences. Infants swallow with their tongues thrusted against their gums, which is fine for babies and very young children, but not for adolescents, teenagers or adults.Read more on Tongue Thrust – What Is It?…

July 4th – Fun Facts About Independence Day

July 4th Peoria AZAs July 4th rapidly approaches, it’s clear we are already more than halfway into the year and more importantly … summer has arrived. Our Affiliated Orthodontics team recently researched some fun facts about our nation’s favorite holiday to showcase why we love celebrating the day which hallmarks our nation’s independence.

Did you know July 4th, or as it is commonly referred to, Independence Day, has only been a federal holiday since 1941? The tradition still has roots though going all the way back to the 18th century and the American Revolution (1775 – 1783). July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence since then and is often celebrated with fireworks, parades, concerts and of course, barbecues.Read more on July 4th – Fun Facts About Independence Day…