Cone Beam Technology is Now Available in Peoria and Glendale AZ

In our latest efforts to improve the delivery of orthodontic care in our practice, Affiliated Orthodontics recently added Cone Beam 3D technology to our list of leading edge services.

What is Conebeam 3D Imaging?:
Cone Beam 3D imaging uses digital technology to produce clear, complete views of a patient’s face, teeth, jaw and other details such as enlarged tonsils, adenoids, and blocked airways which contribute to an orthodontic problem.

The patient sits in a chair while a scanner projects a cone-shaped beam of X-rays and circles around the patient’s head, gathering data that will produce clear and complete images on a computer screen at various angles and magnifications for accurate evaluation and diagnosis of their orthodontic problem.

Benefits of Cone Beam 3D Imaging:
While traditional dental X-rays provide a flat two dimensional image of teeth and bone that often require several x-rays to determine accurate positioning and diagnosis, a cone beam 3D imaging system creates a more complete image that can be produced in a matter of seconds for immediate diagnosis.

Quick results allow orthodontists to determine a treatment plan immediately and with more accuracy than before. Because conebeam 3D imaging is so quick and easy, patients are more comfortable and relaxed when taking x-rays, which helps to limit patient movement and provides a more accurate, high quality image. The clear images also helps patients better understand their dental health and how the orthodontist will proceed to straighten teeth, improve jaw positioning if necessary, and create a long lasting beautiful smile.

Drs Womack and Davis are very excited about the new technology now available to our patients. It is just one way we continue to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care in the Peoria Glendale AZ area.