Patients Beware: Don’t Be In for a Fright Eating the Wrong Stuff at Halloween

Jack-O-BracesEveryone knows that at Affiliated Orthodontics, we love having fun at Halloween.… But it can be a “nightmare” if orthodontic appliances are damaged eating the wrong treats.

Every year, the entire Affiliated Orthodontics team is proactive in educating parents and patients of the potential problems that can occur if orthodontic patients don’t watch what they eat during this fun time of year.

October is National Orthodontic Health Month. Affiliated Orthodontics supports the American Association of Orthodontics in their efforts to make patients aware of foods they need to avoid, especially with Halloween goodies.

Watch this video put out by the American Association of Orthodontics with Halloween Brace Tips

Dont worry… you still can have a few treats, just orthodontic friendly treats. Click here to download a Do’s and Don’ts Treat List offered by the AAO. As a reminder, print it off and post in on your refrigerator for all to see.

Follow the list and save a few candies you can eat and give away the treats that will harm your braces. A few sweets can be OK occasionally, whether wearing braces or not, as long as you brush and floss after eating.

The team at Affiliated Orthodontics wants everyone to enjoy the holiday. However, we also want you to protect the investment you and your family has made in helping us create a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Click here to find Brace Friendly Recipes offered by the AAO.

Click Here for Tips for Trick – or -Treaters.

Do you think we are being unreasonable asking patients to give up treats that damage their braces? Please leave your comments below. Now is the time to vent….

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