We Have a Best Mom Winner!

The best essay was submitted by Tammy Cox and awarded to her mom Elizabeth.   It was heart warming to read the essay submitted below by Tammy describing her mom.  It is a very special relationship.

My mother is selfless to the core.. Since grade school she has written love notes and added little prizes to our lunches as well as shown up to each and every school performance, award ceremony and ballet show. When she didn’t have time to run me to every errand and babysitting job she still made time and not only that, but she did so with a happy heart.

The words from her mouth are always full of life and encouragement as she challenged me to do my very best and taught me to be a leader in every circumstance. In my mom I see a woman of character who loves God, her children and living life to the fullest. I could ask for no more of a greater mother and role model than the mother I have now; I hope to be like her as I continue to grow up into the young woman she has encouraged me to be.

Elizabeth won a  Pedicure/Manicure from Affiliated Orthodontics… Congratulations!